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Our Difference

Technology +

We succeed in offering the latest technology, while simultaneously adhering to a tailored, traditional and personal approach to financial services.

Our intuitive web-based interfaces provide for a highly customized infrastructure that streamlines workflow across all our products and services.

Unlike many of our competitors, we have learned how to forge both the new and the old into the cohesive service offerings that we are known for.

Our Staff

We enjoy nearly 100% customer retention, in large part, a testament to the dedication, knowledge, efficiency, professionalism, and courteousness of our staff.

Our clients are never just an account number at RJL, and are serviced by a team that is ever conscious of the importance of our personalized approach to customer service.

Ask around, and you will soon find that it is this service philosophy that has set us apart from firms that neglect to remember that they work for you


We leverage the strong relationships which RJL has forged with its clearing and technology partners to deliver service and technology solutions at a premium value.

Our customers benefit from our commitment to integrate the latest technology into our infrastructure, ensuring advanced operational efficiency and accuracy.

Compare the transparent costs of our service offerings and technology to those of our competitors, and you will clearly see the benefits of being one of our clients